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The go-to podcast for CPG startup founders and marketers. Join us as we explore the world of CPG marketing, sharing expert strategies, practical tips, and industry insights to accelerate your brand's growth. From refining your marketing plan to crafting compelling brand stories, leveraging experiential and influencer marketing, optimizing packaging, and embracing sustainable practices, we cover it all. Tune in to CPG Marketing School and unlock the knowledge and inspiration to drive exceptional results for your CPG brand.

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Behind the brand:


Hi! I'm Federica Ceresa, the founder of CPG Marketing School. I live between London, the shores of Lago Maggiore in Italy, and Dallas, Texas, with my husband Chad.

For the last two decades, I've been living and breathing CPG Marketing. If you're wondering, What the heck is CPG Marketing? —CPG stands for Consumer Packaged Goods. These are products that are sold quickly and at relatively low costs in supermarkets and grocery stores. We're talking about packaged foods, snacks, drinks, toiletries, beauty products, pet food, baby food, over-the-counter drugs, and more!

Fueled by plenty of Italian passion, a splash of British humor, and a heap of American hustle, I've been right in the thick of it, shaping brands from Mars to Diageo, and from Pfizer to Johnson & Johnson. I've developed strategies that ensure these products catch the consumer's eye and make it into their shopping carts. I've been there, done that, and loved every minute of it.

After a while, I was called upon to teach others, creating tailored training programs for marketers at companies such as Lego, Unilever, Colgate, and Ferrero. Throughout my career, I’ve either personally trained or designed training programs for more than 7,000 marketers. This experience really sparked a passion for teaching and mentoring.

But it wasn’t until I launched my own health and beauty supplements company that a whole new chapter opened for me. After many chats and coffees with fellow founders, it became clear there was a desperate need for a resource that provided no-nonsense marketing for founders in the CPG space who might not know much about marketing but have a huge passion for turning ideas into products that sell.

Too many people are being scammed by so-called marketing gurus, design agencies, consultants... you name it!

That’s why I founded CPG Marketing School. My goal is to share strategies that are not only immediately applicable and effective but also designed to make the lives of founders easier and to maximize the chances of success for their businesses.

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CPG Marketing School  Courses




This Course Is for You If: You’ve got a great product idea but don’t know where to begin, or maybe you've started but things aren’t clicking just yet. If you're feeling stuck on how to make your product stand out, how to tell people about it, or how to even get it into stores, our CPG Marketing 101 course is here to help. We'll walk you through each step in plain language, showing you how to turn your idea into a real product that people will want to buy. You’ll learn how to make your brand memorable and find the right ways to reach your customers, all without getting bogged down by complex jargon.

What you will learn:

  • How to Identify Your Ideal Customer: Learn to identify your ideal customer and what they like, need, and expect from products like yours. This insight is crucial for tailoring your products to what they want and making sure they are excited to buy it.
  • How to Define Your Brand: Learn the key pillars of a brand that stands out and build your own brand positioning to make your CPG brand stand out.
  • How to Develop Products from Concept to Shelf: From prototype testing to final touches before launch, we help you navigate all the different marketing steps required to develop and launch your product.
  • How to Design Impactful Packaging: Make your product stand out on the shelf with eye-catching packaging. Learn the basics of design and packaging that not only stand out but also communicate your brand effectively. Learn how to brief and direct a packaging designer.
  • How to Build a Marketing Plan: Construct a marketing plan with actionable steps to increase product visibility and sales. We simplify the planning process so you can focus on execution and results.
  • How to Create Effective Communications: Master the art of communicating with your customers. We'll provide tips on crafting clear, persuasive messages that resonate with your audience and foster lasting loyalty.
  • How to Get Your Product into Stores and Online: Learn all the different ways you can sell your product, from small local shops to large retail stores, and even online. We'll show you how to figure out which options are best for you and how to start selling through each one.
  • How to Pitch to Retailers: Prepare to make compelling presentations to retail buyers. Gain insights into what retailers look for in new products and how to position yours for the best chance of success.
  • How to Maximize Cost-Effective Marketing: Get inspired on cost-effective marketing channels to grow your brand on a bootstrapped budget.


Is FROM IDEA TO SHELF the right fit for you? 

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Here’s what we’ll cover in the call:

  • Quick Check-In: We’ll start by looking at what’s going on with your business and figure out where you might need a hand.
  • Sneak Peek of the Course: Get a brief overview of what we teach and how it can help you launch, or relaunch your CPG brand and attract more customers and sales.
  • Is It a Match?: We'll talk about your specific goals and see if our bootcamp fits your needs.
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Next cohort: Q3 2024. Applications open

Location: Online, 1-1 & Group Workshops

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Starting my own soda brand was a dream come true, but breaking through in such a crowded market felt like an uphill battle. Where to start?

That's when I stumbled upon CPG Marketing School, and let me tell you, it was a game-changer. I had my doubts about online marketing courses, but this one exceeded all my expectations.

So easy to follow even for someone like me, with zero marketing background. But here's the best part: it's hands-on and practical. I dove straight into exercises that helped me craft a killer marketing strategy and create beautiful packaging that grabs attention.

If you're starting a CPG brand with limited marketing know-how, this is the real deal. It's an investment that pays off quickly and saves you so much time. 

- Julie C

Let me tell you, my granola game was on point. I spent lockdown testing countless flavour combinations. I had the tastiest, crunchiest, recipes.

But when he came to marketing my goods, I was clueless. All those industry, passwords and fancy schmancy acronyms left me feeling lost.

And that’s when CPG marketing school came in clutch! Let me tell you, these classes were a total game changer. They break down all the complex concepts into bite sized chunks, then even I could wrap my head around.

I got hands-on tips and tricks that I could put into action immediately. I’m talking brand strategy, product, messaging, brand identity, packaging design, the whole shebang.

- Nick B

When I started my organic skincare line, I thought I had a decent handle on marketing. As a graphic designer, I knew how to make things look pretty, but let’s face it, I had no idea how to get those pretty products in front of the right consumers.

I was a total CPG marketing newbie. That’s when I decided to take CPG marketing school classes and let me tell you, it was a total game changer.  They taught me where to start with my marketing and how to craft messages that speak directly to my audience, and I even learned how to price my products! 

Thanks to CPG Bootcamp, I was able to create my very first pitch presentation for a retail buyer!

- Susan S